Praia do Rosa is located about 90 km from Florianopolis and 15 km from Garopaba is the right to rest , play sports and enjoy the many natural beauties that this place instead.

Praia do Rosa is surrounded by sea, white sand beaches and two lagoons. It is world renowned for its calm waves and sandy bottom , ideal for surfers , wind and kite surfers , who want to learn and enjoy , so the virtually untouched nature of the region , can know through paths and roads , places reserved for people with a spirit of adventure..

GPS: geo:lat=-28.129522197859557 geo:lon=-48.643341064453125


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The cuisine is present, from native food of the region as shrimp or fish, Asian food, pizzerias and bars, have excelled in the summer. Shrimp fishing is an incredible attraction, especially during full moon nights. Your mall offers from varied gastronomy, nightlife, a daily handicraft fair, bars with live music and restless nights where people from all over the world enjoy the warm weather of summer evenings, this makes the destination Praia do Rosa favorite of those who like to spend an unforgettable holiday.

The beach is divided in the south, center and north, in the southern part are bars on the edge of the beach where you can have a beer and eat shrimp, in the center it is an ideal place for kids lake in northern surfers and lovers of nature and tranquility meet. Surfing is the sport on this beach, you live and breathe surfing all the time, in the nearby lakes, and Ibiraquera bar, kite surfing and wind surfing complete trilogy of the top sports in this beach.

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Being located in a subtropical coastal region , it offers a mild climate , with an average temperature of 25 C to 30 C from December to May . In July the coldest month , the average is 16.4 C.

The best months to visit are Praia summer in the southern hemisphere , January, February and warmer currents marzo.Las arrive in March and the perfect weather lasts until June , then comes the cold and whales can be seen with the naked eye to october.Todos the month of the year , in the months from July to November, right whales come to its shores to mate and nurse their young there during the first months . To the south lies the da Ibiraquera lagoon , perfect for admiring the sunsets and varied species of birds.


In the city of Garopaba to 20 km are the main banks , apart from the exchange . Rosa is at home Telenet Exchange .

Credit cards are also accepted at most local trade . Is located in Florianopolis some major rental agencies in the country, Garopaba and Praia do Rosa .